The vineyards owned by the company can be found in various positions inside the DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area.

Two allotments are on the famous hill of Cartizze, one is at Col, near Follina, and the largest is at Rua, near S.Pietro di Feletto.

Cartizze is the Cru of Valdobbiadene DOCG area. It is the south side of a hill which extends among the hamlets of Santo Stefano, S.Pietro di Barbozza and Saccol. Even if it is a very small area (105 hectares), it is highly fragmented, indeed ownership is divided among more than 200 owners.

There are several factors which determine a higher quality of the grapes growing on this hill. First of all there are its southern exposure and high incline, which guarantee an excellent incidence of the sunrays, the composition of the soil which is particularly rich in minerals and, last but not least, the position of the hill at the foot of an almost 1,500 metres high mountain, which in summer creates a cool night breeze which favours the creation of varietal flavours in the grapes.

In the rocks which surface from the ground it is possible to find a lot of fossils, this proves that once in this area there was the sea. This could also explain the richness in minerals of the soil.

Following the local tradition, every allotment in the Cartizze area is given a name. Ours are called “Strop” and “Val”

It is the smaller, but also the more characteristic of the two allotments. It is in the high part of the Cartizze hill. It is incredibly steep and cultivation is possible only thanks to small terracing. The soil is very shallow, under just one metre of fertile ground there is the rocky structure of the hill. It is an argillaceous soil, with about 3,500 vines per hectare. The vine training system is typical of the area: it is cappuccina (or double-arched cane). The exposure is southern. The altitude is between 250 and 300 metres above sea level.

Strop      Strop


It is named after a small valley running north to south in the lower area of Cartizze hill. The two sides with vines are called simply “Val par de qua” and “Val par de là”, meaning “valley here” and “valley there” in Veneto dialect, to differentiate the nearest and the farthest area from the company. It has less steep but more fertile and deeper ground than the other allotment. Here the composition is mainly argillaceous, too, and it has the same density of plantation and vine training system as the other allotment. The altitude is about 250 metres ASL.

Val      Val

It is an allotment located in Follina, approximately in the centre of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene appellation area. It is shaped as an amphitheatre with southern/south-western exposure. The composition of the soil is argillaceous, the vine training system is cappuccina and the density of plantation is about 3,000 plants per hectare. The altitude is about 270 metres.

Col      Col

It is the most eastern and largest of our vineyards. It is a hilly vineyard but, unlike the previous ones, the slope is very gentle. It has an excellent climate and ideal exposure, insomuch that it is the first vineyard where grapes ripen. The soil has an argillaceous-sandy composition and the altitude is about 100 metres ASL. In this vineyard, with a density of plantation of about 3,000 plants per hectare, there coexist different vine-training systems: from the spurred cordon, to the cappuccina and the sylvoz.

Rua      Rua